The benefits to your business of promotional items

Promotion of your business is one of your key aims. You want to keep your existing customers loyal and reach out to new people. So how best to do this? Promotional Products!

Everybody loves a free gift, especially if it’s useful or a really unexpected treat to cheer up the working day. This is where promotional gifts can lift your profile above the competition.

Not only do they help open up lines of communication but they also leave a lasting impression. Compared with conventional advertisements which usually run for a set amount of time, well chosen promotional products could potentially continue advertising your brand indefinitely. That’s got to be money well spent!

Why hand out promotional gifts?
Because your customers love them! It’s also a very effective way to spread your brand identity and, according to the industry body The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), promotional products are 6 times more likely to make customers feel appreciated, 3 times more likely to inspire loyalty and twice as likely to make recipients take positive action than the mediums of print, web, direct mail or TV.

Promotional gifts are personal too.
The key is to give your client a product they will actually use! According to the BPMA

“Promotional products are more than just a freebie, if a promotional item is useful, research shows that 89% of people will keep it.”

By knowing your customers, you can choose a range of promotional gifts to suit. Perhaps your clients prefers eco-friendly products? Reusable jute shoppers would be the ideal. Are they into healthy living/exercise? Try water bottles. By not settling for a ‘one size fits all’ solution, your customer will feel special and valued. Something that they won’t forget when they place their next order.

Christmas is coming!
The holiday season is a great time to reward your customers with a well chosen gift, ensuring their loyalty for another year. How about these suggestions?

  • Ever been in an office where chocolates didn’t go down well? Me neither!
  • How about some fashionable americano cups for that early morning wake up coffee?
  • For something extra special you can’t go wrong with a classic pen, especially a gorgeous retro Parker pen?
  • And when didn’t we all forget an umbrella to keep us dry on the journey home, especially at this time of year?

The possibilities are almost endless for promotional gifts, both large and small. It’s one of the most cost efficient ways to keep you and your business firmly in the minds of your valued customers.