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Christmas Promotion!

WHAT! NO! We don’t want to hear about Christmas in September! It’s cold, it’s expensive,

parking everywhere is rubbish and it’s still months away!

But like it or not preparation starts early, especially if you’re a business looking to promote yourself

via the festive bandwagon.

A corporate gift still works in terms of promotion, especially if it’s usable or novel… or perhaps a desk item so it stays right in front of your clients (or potential clients) as they work over those gloomy ‘inbetween-christmas-and-new-year-days-that-are-as-productive-as-diddly-squat’. Since the last recession, understandably there’s been a trend in many companies to save on costs and therefore not go dishing out a little Happy Christmas branded goody to clients. Well we say NO, it doesn’t have to be expensive but a Christmas promotion of a corporate gift not only says thank you for your business this year, but also will be sat in front of your client come January as a reminder of how very excellent your company is to work with in future. So no need to be a Scrooge. In the words of Shania ‘that don’t impress me much’. Your client needs to be kept aware of how generous and fabulous you are, especially come the New Year when you want some new business coming in. Consider what kind of product your target market would like to receive, what kind of branded corporate gift are they most likely to keep and use? Or just what gift would make them smile!

Take a look through our catalogue for ideas or here’s a few thoughts!

For those chained to their desks, perhaps a branded mouse mat, even better, include a 2016 calendar on it – it’s really useful, I refer to mine all the time…yes I’m sad and never know what day it is. Plus, they give you a large advertising area so you can have your logo and contact details printed all over them. At PAC Promotional Products we don’t just make them, we’ll design them for you. Prices start from 64p each.

For example take a look at these ones, they can be printed to photographic quality and are not too heavy to post. Introducing, the Brite-Mat Lite.

mousemat fruit2

Brite-Mat: Photographic print quality, round or rectangular

A good quality pen is invaluable and if you send them out for Christmas with some sweeties then frankly, we think you’ll be loved for ever!  Curvy Pens printed with your logo start from 19p each ex. VAT, so they really are low cost and won’t be thrown away with the Christmas cards come January!

Low cost promotional  item. Personalised printed pens.

Curvy Pens: Low cost promotional item. Personalised printed pens.

Want novel and memorable? Well look no further! You too can help promote mild peril in your client’s place of work with a branded Fold-Up Frisbee! Yes we do those too, yes it’s a random Christmas gift. But come Christmas Eve when your clients are sat about watching the clock trudge towards pub time, let’s face it, a Frisbee in the office is going to lighten the mood. Have your logo printed onto it and your company just became responsible for office fun. Prices start from .79p each.


Foldable Fun!

Want cute and personable? One word people – BEARS. There is always a minimum of one person in the office who will want the bear gift, printed or embroidered with your logo of course. They’re cute, plus they’re useful for moments of childish ‘bear versus stapler role play games’ when the emails have stopped working and everyone is trying to look busy. Look around you, you can identify that bear loving person in your own place of work……They’re the one with the 14 pot plants, a little sign saying ‘It’s Always Wine O’Clock’, half a dozen fluffy bugs (we do those too), their own personal portable heater and a mug they brought in from home because ‘they just like their mug’. Found them? Every office has one and if you send someone a bear, it’ll stay right where it needs to be to keep your brand in their mind.

Honey Jointed Sash Bears start from £1.15 each.

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Festive Corporate Gifts – Huge range to suit all budgets and business types.

There are literally hundreds of options to suit all budgets in our catalogue, or you can contact us (we’re quite nice) and we can give you lots of ideas

and some designs using your corporate logo.

Contact us at mail@pac3000.com or call us on 01379 872713.


Oh and Happy Christmas ;)

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