Promotional Products for Charities

Every charity needs the oxygen of publicity and promotion. It’s the way to get your message across, the way to make the public realise the worth of your cause. This can particularly apply to small charities which are often set up by those who have been directly affected by tragedy and don’t have access to huge, national PR machines. These charities rely on committed individuals, willing to go that extra mile to raise awareness.

What about an example?

* ‘From Fire to Ice’ is a sponsored expedition supporting the charity ‘Dan’s fund’s for Burns‘.

Rob suffered 43% body burns during a house fire, with a 27% chance of survival, whilst living and working in Zanzibar. Remarkably he pulled through and, after 200 days in hospital and 30 operations, he has learnt to walk again with the help of dedicated medical support.

Rob now proposes to complete an expedition to the South Pole, accompanied by medical experts to monitor his progress, in the hope that his unequalled tenacity can shed some light on the future care of others who sustain life threatening burns.

‘From Fire to Ice’ is supported by The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton, whose grandfather, Sir Ernest Shackleton, paved the way for polar exploration.

How to get the message out there.

You’ve got to talk to people! Many larger charities have the resources to put feet on the street, or go door to door. Smaller charities don’t have that luxury – so how to get the message to a wider audience? Charity speaking could be the answer. Societies, community or church groups are often looking for interesting speakers, as are schools, who welcome informative speakers to their assemblies or free lessons. The important thing is to maximise publicity – perhaps through the local press. You’ve also got to make sure that your message sticks, so make it interesting, passionate and memorable. For more top tips visit Speakers Trust – the UK’s leading public speaking training charity, specialising in the education, not-for-profit and community sectors.

Promotional Products for Charities large or small

There is no better way to keep the message alive than by leaving a reminder behind. Many people love to display their support for the charities they champion (look at the success of the poppy appeal). So how can Pac Promotional Products help? In addition to the ever popular wristbands, we have a wide range of other charity products including balloon sticks, clappers, lapel pins & ribbons, T-shirts, trolley coins, key rings, pens, confectionery – even the collection boxes and tins!

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* Pac Promotional Products supply the wristbands for ‘From Fire to Ice’.