Low cost promotional  item. Personalised printed pens.

Low cost, great value promotional item. Curvy pens! See below for details.

New Year, New YOU? 
Is 2015 all about boosting your brand and growing that client base?
One of the best ways to introduce more people to your company is promotional merchandise.
If you select the right item to promote with, it’s a permanent advert, unlike nearly every other advertising method.
But there are some key things to consider before you go ordering 600 stressballs in the shape of a dog just because your a vet!
The 2 most important things with selecting successful promotional products is that they need to be practical and still broadcast the correct message about your brand.
If the promotional item is not useful, there is always a chance that it’ll be disposed of by the potential client receiving it. Therefore make sure you do not necessarily
select a promotional product with the idea that it must directly relate to your industry. Select it based on whether you think the recipient will keep it and therefore keep your company name in front of them for longer. For example, if you are a B2B company, most of the market you serve might be office-based clients, therefore it makes sense to think about what desk products will suit your logo and be of practical use. Mouse mats are always a good idea, desk tidies are useful and calendars are still widely used in an office setting. But our best-selling promotional desk product would be the simple pen! PAC offer a wide range promotional pens both branded and plain and from budget to luxe.

Luxe corporate pens – can be printed and engraved


Personalised printed pens are a cost effective was to promote your company and these are our favourite when it comes to style and value.
They are the perfect corporate stationery giveaway.These shapely ballpens are so much better to distribute to your customers than regular biros – they look classy, but are really reasonable.

The attractive hourglass barrel is finished in a subtle graduated colour and accented by a chic silver trim and clip.

Plus they come in a wide range of colours, so you are sure to find one to match your pallette and brand.Have them personalised to your company brand with your logo and contact details. These promotional pens can be printed in up to 4 spot colours (subject to sight of artwork).

Ready to ship in : 5 business days

 And here’s the best bit….prices from 16p each

Contact us for more info on the great range of curvy colour options and styles including pad and pen sets – perfect for conferences.

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